Sure, the National Bohemian brand first began brewing beer in 1885 in the heart of its humble homestead
port town of Baltimore, MD.

And certainly, their one-eyed, mustachioed mascot Mr. Boh has always relished his role as embellisher of great stories, and friendly faced reminder to always keep an eye on what’s most important in life.

And yes, it’s true that National Bohemian has become, through years of long-lasting leisure seeking and unwavering dedication to good food, good friends, good families & great times, an icon of our Chesapeake traditions, and Charm City’s laid back and carefree lifestyle. 

But among all these great things that have built a legacy of laughter and lightheartedness, perhaps the most telling are the quiet appreciation for the powerful potential of simple things, the transformative and rippling effects of living for fun, and the daily opportunity that we each possess to remind ourselves and others that we must always brew our own happiness.

Because ultimately, if we each choose to see the world as less heavy and more happy,
We can all Live Pleasantly!